Strategy, Opinion & Marketing Research

Full Service Marketing Research, in its widest sense A full service research institute, qualitative & Quantitative (statistical analysis department) + full own Research Logistics Center, with recruitment, supervision & data compilation and entry means; CATI, CAPI, Modern Focus Groups Installations

As part of its full service Ad Hoc marketing research activities, Geocartography presents unique professional, statistical,geocartographic and information systems’ research capabilities.

Product Specialties: Branding operations (BrandWise™) + Tracking, Customer satisfaction (HEDONIC™), FMCG, Media planning and advertisement (SegMaP™), Market Segmentation – and models for sales probability analyses (SPPM™). MindWise™ – a structured deductive model for qualitative research analysis, and BASIC.ID™ - a psychological-marketing qualitative research model. Specializing in Special Population Segments (Arabs, Ultra Orthodox, Russians; Youth, Elderly) and in Cross-Cultural Research-- local and International.

Specialty Departments:

  • Sensory and product-development department (Geo-Sensor)
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Research Department (Geo-Pharma)
  • "Maximum Customer" Department: Customer Satisfaction, Customer preservation models & Loyalty; Disloyalty Alert Model, Shopper's Experience & "Delight"; Phantom Customer, Accompanying Customer; Customer choice behavior by the shelf – model.

Geo-Marketing specialty area Integrating in marketing research advanced GIS, Analytical mapping, Field-Lab techniques, and Spatial Analysis modeling, in a wide variety of marketing research & planning operations. Specializing in market segmentation and Market Targeting for Targeted Marketing operations (MTTM). GCKG is an international leader in this field.

SURVEY+™ is a unique product of Geocartography – complementing the statistical analyses of surveys (of all kinds) with a variety of Free-Space geostatistical map-modeling options – thus enabling non-conventional marketing insights (AVISYS™ system).

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