Geocartography Knowledge Group (GCKG) is a leading consultancy & applied-research institute in Israel, operating conceptually in the field of Information Strategy. The Group specializes in three synergistically-interrelated application areas, which are operated as group affiliates in service of its customers:

  • Strategy, Opinion & Marketing Research (Geo Marketing Research)
  • Feasibility and Market Potential Analysis (Geo, Economic)
  • Information Technology & Solutions (Geo-iTiS)

Geocartography Group puts to work in the service of its customers, a combined, synergetic,application of the above, Utilizing innovative concepts and computerized models, toolsand techniques, including a variety of its own development.

These tools and techniques, although aimed to take advantage of highly sophisticated, data-rich, social and commercial environments, are also particularly suited for work -- and have been tested successfully -- in countries where updated data are not readily available. In such environments, Geocartography’s prompt, field-lab, data-capture techniques, make it possible to perform modern research and planning. The company devotes, regularly, a great deal of its resources to Basic Research & Development, aimed at promoting and updating its high standards and lead in the areas of its specialized practice.

A professional, uncompromising, high Integrity and a multi-disciplinary staff of experts -- highly trained Academically -- have long become Geocartograph's professional trademarks in Israel.

Geocartography Group Surveying & Polling Public Opinioninstitute [all techniques; CATI, CAPI, face to face] is One of Israel's leading polling institutes; frequently quoted in the media, for its outstanding record in political forecasting, and credible positioning in marketingstudies and market rankings (of firms & product), as in social studies relating to major nationalissues.

Geocartography Group is a member of:

ESOMAR -- European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research

FIMAT - Israel senior forum for Competitive Intelligence (CI)

IAFCI -- The International Association of financial Crimes Investigators


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