Information Technology & Solutions

This Division of the Group is where Geocartography’s basic research (R&D) takes place. IT new models are being developed here, as well as Information System’s new products, and software.

It is also where Geocartography’s unique Information system [GDB] is being further developed and continuously updated, and where new Free-Space analytical-mapping models are being introduced in conjunction with advances made in marketing research.

It is where Geocartographic theory and models, and field-lab techniques, including software [developed by Prof. A. Degani, Tel-Aviv University], are being employed in the provision of customer-tailored resourceful solutions to complex problems in data capture, in market analysis and strategy building, as well as in tailor-made media planning.

These are coupled by the employment of Geocartography’s unique nationwide, highly detailed (at the building level) --demographic, socio-economic and commercial-- information system [GDB] and its unique analytical capabilities. Information, at the building level:

  • Number of households
  • Their names and telephone numbers
  • Socio-Economic index (dividing the entire population into deciles)
  • Mean household monthly income
  • Age Structure & Family size
  • Apartment average size (rooms & sq.m.)
  • Real-Estate prices (+ assessed differentiation by floor)
  • Residential Dynamics (rate of in and out movement of households)
  • Level of education (years of schooling)
  • Level of religiousness (Secular, Traditional, Orthodox, Ultra Orthodox)
  • An attached variety of computed indices for purchasing power of goods and services (NIS monthly).

Some products of Geo.iTiS™ come in the form of tailor-made developed software.

Products and models:

  • THiS, Credit Scoring Model
  • Real-Info Real-Estate info, by building (Product)
  • Geo-ATML optimal location of ATMs (Model)
  • SPPM Segmented Probability for Purchase matrix (Concept & Model)
  • AVISYS Automated Variable-resolution Information System (Analytical GIS)
  • Segmentation & Direct-Marketing Products.
  • Evaluation & Quality-Control on group’s operations (Create tools & operate)

Geocartography's sophisticated abilities and products in the area of information-systems' solutions gave rise to a whole host of segmentation products, applied to micro-marketing and direct marketing.

GCKG is in partnership agreement with worldwide Experian Business Strategies International Networks on the development and management of the international leading segmentation branded Product, MOSAIC.



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