Pharmaceutical & Medical Research Department

Providing qualitative and quantitative data on the pharmaceutical market in Israel by performing ad-hoc company tailored research projects, analysis and consulting.

Information to use for marketing strategy:

  • Performing periodical omnibus studies among physicians of all specialties.
  • Analyzing disease/drugs markets based on data from both physicians and patients' perspectives in order to get comprehensive and accurate view of issues.
  • Data collection and analysis with respect to promotional activity of the company and its competitors in a market segment (assessing effectiveness of promotional material, conventions /lectures/seminars)
  • Spatial analysis of phenomena / effects / sales.
  • Analysis of potential vs. actual sales.
  • SPPM - Segmented Probability for Purchase Compared to Sales
  • PCVA Pharmaceutical Community-Value Analysis: Targeted community-Level Spatial Identification of risk factors & Quality of Life epidemiological studies.
  • Optimal allocation / reallocation of PSRs activity



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