Geocartography's customers include leading national, private and public, companies in a wide range of market sectors and industries: food, soft drinks, mineral water and wine; printed & electronic media, telecommunication, transportation, airlines, Cable TV & DBS, fueling and gas, cosmetics and hygiene ,Food supplement, OTC & drug industries, Health Services, clothing & food chains,department stores, insurance and financial services, banks, real-estate & building, DIY and Home Improvement, Furniture, Government Ministries, The police & The Army, National Railway Authority, Leading brands of the Automobile Industry, Local Municipalities, The National Authority for the prevention of Drug Use, The Israeli Manufacturers Association, and many others.

Some of the leading names (ample list):

Bank Hapoalim (the leading in Israel), Citibank, IKEA, Cinema City, Toys-R-Us, Kentucky Fried chicken, Pizza Hut, Volkswagen group in Israel (Champion Motors), Yediot Aharonot (the leading newspaper), Home Center (the leading DIY), The 2 leading food chains; ZARA, Crystal (leading, white electric appliances, e.g. Amana),The real-estate leaders, such as Africa Israel, Ashdar, Azorim, Dankner Group, Offer Brothers; Pfizer, Teva (pharmaceutical), Boston Scientific, Israel Aviation Industries, Israeli National TV channel.

GCKG is the in-house research institute and consultant of quite a few of the above leading national firms.

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